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Information about VB.NET Namespaces:

Creating and Using Namespaces in visual basic.Net  “NameSpaces allow us to organize Classes so that they can be easily accessed in other applications…”

Using and creating Classes and Namespaces in VB.NET  “In this tutorial, we will discuss the uses and benefits of namespaces and classes in VB.NET...”

Understanding and Using Assemblies and Namespaces in .NET  “Creating assemblies and namespaces in Microsoft Visual Basic .NET. (12 printed pages)

Creating and using Namespaces in VB.NET and C#   “We all know namespaces are the basic building block for the .NET framework. In this article, I’m going to show how to create and use namespaces with VB.NET and C#.

Get tips for using namespaces in VB.NET  “Developers utilize namespaces when they want to place theirclasses within specific .NET namespaces. Using a namespace statement with thedefault namespace that’s identified in a project’s properties allows you tofulfill this requirement.

VB Language – Namespaces A namespace is a collection of different classes. All VB applications are developed using classes from the .NET System namespace.

References and Namespaces in VB.NET  “This article tells you how they work together in VB.NET.

How to: Define a Namespace in VB.NET  “A namespace designates a collection of programming elements, organized and classed for grouping operations and easy access. At the namespace level, the programming elements include:…”

Managing Namespaces in VB.Net  “A namespace is a way to disambiguate one public interface from another. You can happily go through life not worrying about explicitly declaring namespaces in your VB.Net code because of VB.Net’s automatic namespace creation.”

C# and VB.NET – Differing namespace conventions  “Recently, while reviewing the VB.NET translation of the MVC Music Store tutorial, I noticed that none of the controllers / models / classes in general have namespaces.”  VB.NET Namespace  (Jon’s post about the difference with namespace conventions between C# and VB.NET on DevelopASP.NET, along with some related VB.NET tutorials).


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