SharePoint 2007 Hosting Services (MOSS)

MOSS (SharePoint 2007) Hosting Services

With SharePoint 2010 in the spotlight, prices for SharePoint 2007 (MOSS) hosting you hope would be going down.  Although affordable, it seems to me to be a a no-brainer to go with SharePoint 2010 given the comparison of price and capabilities.

For companies that still require a MOSS 2007 environment, here is a few current (2011) MOSS 2007 hosting services.   Please note that I have NO affiliation with any the services list below, which were found mainly via Search Engines.  Prices listed below are as advertised, and may not include all costs.  Prices last checked/updated on the 18th Aug 2011 (approx. 8:30 PM AEST). MOSS 2007 Hosting  Microsoft Office SharePoint Server Hosting.  One of the most popular.

From $795/month.

From $799/month. – 724 Internet Solutions  MOSS 2007 Dedicated Servers

From $549.95 (+ $395 setup if < 6 month contract).


American Data Technology

Shared server from $319/year (5 users, + $1/month per additional user)

Dedicated: $349/month + $29/month per user.  Plans suited to 500+ users also available.


Apps4Rent SharePoint Hosting Services Unlimited users, per month plans based on disk space.  Dedicated Servers and Dedicated Virtual Servers also available.

From $8.95/month.

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