MVC Music Store – Additional Resources, Customisations & Videos

Codeplex Project: ASP.NET MVC Music Store

MVC Music Store tutorial on the Official Microsoft ASP.NET Site:

  • Can be achieved using Visual Studio 2010 Express(free)
  • Build HTML pages with your own CSS themes.
  • Integration with Database
  • Includes Login and Security
  • Uses AJAX and jQuery functionality

MVC Music Store series by Chris Love (References and related information provided by DevelopASP.NET ).

Additional Information about the MVC Music Store tutorial series: Introducing the MVC Music Store – MVC 2 Sample Application and Tutorial (Post by Jon Galloway)

YouTube: MVC Music Store Part 3: Views and ViewModels 2/2

From Tools to Tunes, the MVC Music Store helps you learn MVC… (Greg Duncan):

The latest drop of the Mvc Music Store tutorial cover the ASP.NET MVC 3 Tools Update, Scaffolding, Entity Framework Code First, SQL Server CE, and more.

Analyzing the MVC Music Store: Data Access  I thought that it would be a good idea to take EF Prof for a spin one the sample MVC Music Store. It can illustrate some things about EF Prof and about the sample app.

Improving ASP.NET MVC MUSIC STORE more usability with DotNetAge in 30 minutes

MVC Music Store is a tutorial application built on ASP.NET MVC 2. It’s a lightweight sample store which sells albums online, demonstrating ASP.NET MVC 2’s productivity features and data access via Entity Framework 4.

Making a Mobile MVC Music Store Part 6: Making a WP7 Application Bar (Chris Love)

Porting MVC Music Store to Raven: Setting up the application

Just a few words about the way that I setup Raven to be used in the MVC Music Store application before we get to the actual code.

More ASP.NET MVC Development Videos (

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